Adding new users with allowed domains

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Text makes it easy to add new users to your products. One of the simplest and most secure ways to do this is through allowed domains. This feature works with every pricing plan for all our products except ChatBot.

When you turn on joining with an allowed domain, your teammates with email addresses under this domain can join all the Text products you're using —no invitation needed. Your subscription plan will be adjusted automatically for speed and convenience.

How to set up joining with allowed domains

This can only be done by the organization Owner. 

  1. Log in to Text Accounts using your email and password, then go to Settings > Invitations. 

  2. Switch the toggle under Join with allowed domains. 

  3. Select a domain from the dropdown list. The list is created automatically based on the email addresses of users in your organization. If a domain you use isn’t on the list, invite at least one person who uses the domain to your product, and make sure they accept the invite and confirm their email.

  4. Save changes.

Teammates using email addresses in this domain can now join your products automatically.

How it works for your teammates

  1. Your teammates need to log in to or sign up for one of the Text products.

  2. New users must confirm their email. Existing users joining another product in your organization will skip this step. 

  3. They’ll enter the product right away.
  4. If there are more organizations with the same domain allowed, they will need to choose the organization they want to join.


The setup is really straightforward, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You can select domains that have at least one confirmed user with an email address in this domain added to your organization. 

  • You can set up to 10 domains per organization.

  • One domain can be used in multiple organizations.

  • Generic or temporary email domains are not accepted for security reasons.

  • Only confirmed users from the allowed domains can join the organization. Read about the Email confirmation flow.

  • To invite someone outside the allowed domains, send them an invitation

  • You can’t use Custom SSO and Allowed domains at the same time. Choose between these two authorization methods based on your needs.

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