Logging in With Google for the Entire Team

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Using Google login to access your products makes things easier, faster, and more secure. You can require all your team members to log in with Google to all your Text products so they don't have to remember another password. 

Setting up Google as a required login method

This can only be done by the organization Owner. 

  1. In the Text Accounts panel, go to Settings -> Security.

  2. Select Google in the Require login with section

  3. If you’ve never logged in to Text products with Google before, you’ll have to connect your Google account. You will be redirected to the Google login page.

  4. Save changes to complete the setup.


Logging in with Google as an agent

Once Google login is set up, your agents will receive an email notification about this change. 

They won’t be able to log in using their Text password anymore. They’ll have to choose the Log in with Google option on the login page.

Changing the login method won’t affect any active sessions. Logged-in users will not be logged out.


There are a few important things to keep in mind:

Make sure everyone has a Google account. When you require logging in with Google, every team member must have a Google account to log in to Text products. Anyone without a Google account will lose access. 

This becomes the only login method for your team. Requiring logging in with Google means you and your team won’t be able to use other methods, such as logging in with custom SSO or joining with allowed domains.


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