The Power of Choice: Exploring the Benefits of Invitations by Everyone and Admins Only

2 min. readlast update: 05.07.2024

Organizations now can choose between two invitation settings when inviting new users: Everyone and Admins only.

Everyone” invitation setting allows all team members to invite new users to the organization. This is helpful for customer-oriented, egalitarian organizations that value collaboration and quick and easy access to the product when the need for help is urgent.

Admins only” invitation setting limits the ability to invite new users to higher permission team members. This is helpful for organizations that want to control who can join.

Organizations can choose one of the two invitation settings globally for LiveChat, HelpDesk and KnowledgeBase. This helps maintain a consistent invitation policy across all of the products within the organization and ensures that they always have control over who can join.

Important information about account roles and permissions:

Invite Permissions:

All team members, except for Viewer in HelpDesk, can invite and potentially add new users with the same or lower permissions. This means Admins can add more Agents and Admins, and Agents can only add Agents.

Adding new members affects the number of accounts in the subscription. When new accounts are added, the subscription is automatically updated.

Subscription Permissions:

Only users with higher roles specific to the product can access subscription-related sections. For example, for LiveChat, it is the Owner and Admins with billing access.

Such users also have access to managing plans, cards, and the ability to remove roles or suspend them, depending on the product.

Organization Owner's Control:

The organization Owner can choose to change the default invitation setting from Everyone to Admins only.

Changing the Invitation Setting:

The invitation setting can be changed exclusively through

When changing from "Everyone" to "Admins only" setting, users will be logged out, and ongoing chats will be lost.

When changing from "Admins only" to "Everyone" setting, users won’t be logged out, but the change will take effect once they log in again.

Owner Notifications:

When new people are added to the plan, organization owners will receive the usual communication about the subscription update, depending on the product.

Invitation Setting and the Waiting for Approval List:

If the invite setting is changed to “Everyone” while users are on the Waiting for Approval list, they still need to be accepted by the Owner or Admin with billing access, as in the “Admins only” setup.



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